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SIM Center - Crawford

The STEPS Simulation Center delivers innovative inter-professional healthcare training using robots. The excerpt is from a wildly successful fundraising campaign to fund the completion of the center.…

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A Student Pharmacist Perspective

Students share why they chose the WVU School of Pharmacy, the opportunities they have had, and discuss the excellent education you will receive.

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Drug Store Flu Shots — WVU Health Report

With the chill of winter soon upon us, it's time to get your flu shot. This year, it's even easier. You can get the flu vaccine right at your local pharmacy. Dr. Rolly Sullivan has details…

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Gum Disease and Heart Disease — WVU Health Report

Researchers have found that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease. In this WVU Health Report, Dr. Rolly Sullivan explains how to fight heart…

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WVU SOM Match Day 2016

Song: Main Theme from Star Wars Artist: John Williams

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SOM Charleston

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Rural Health - Primary Care at WVU School of Medicine

What's it like to work in rural health as a primary care physician? The nationally ranked West Virginia University School of Medicine Rural Health Program shows and explains the rewarding…

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Cook-Hayman Pharmacy Museum - Crawford

The museum was created to preserve 18h and 19th century Appalachian pharmacy practices. With the new museum dedication, the school of Pharmacy commissioned a video to help entice prospective pharmacy…

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