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Smoking Ban Study - WVU Health Report

Laws that ban smoking in -public places hav lad to fewer heart attacks, strokes and respiratory heart disease hospitalizations. That's the conclusion of a recent analysis of 45 studies on the…

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Super Bugs - WVU Health Report

According to the CDC, up to 2 million people are affected - and at least 23 thousand killed – annually in the U.S. by drug-resistant bacteria, better known as "Super Bugs". Dr. Rolly…

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A Student Pharmacist Perspective

Students share why they chose the WVU School of Pharmacy, the opportunities they have had, and discuss the excellent education you will receive.

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Dental Implants - WVU Health Report

Dental Implants provide an option for traditional dentures. In this WVU Health Report, Dr. Rolly Sullivan explains how they function, and their health benefits and costs.

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Dentistry and Pregnancy — WVU Health Report

If you are pregnant — or are thinking about becoming pregnant — consider a trip to the dentist. Preventative dental cleaings and exams are not only safe, they are recommended. Dr. Rolly…

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Drug Store Flu Shots — WVU Health Report

With the chill of winter soon upon us, it's time to get your flu shot. This year, it's even easier. You can get the flu vaccine right at your local pharmacy. Dr. Rolly Sullivan has details…

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Gum Disease and Heart Disease — WVU Health Report

Researchers have found that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease. In this WVU Health Report, Dr. Rolly Sullivan explains how to fight heart…

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Rural Health - Primary Care at WVU School of Medicine

What's it like to work in rural health as a primary care physician? The nationally ranked West Virginia University School of Medicine Rural Health Program shows and explains the rewarding…

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DOC in the Kitchen - Kale Chips and Community Supported Agriculture

Doctors On Call's John Phillips, M.D., explores "Community Supported Agriculture", then ventures into the DOC Kitchen with WVU Healthcare Dietitian Judy Siebart to whip up a Kale snack!

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Ticks - WVU Health Report

Your summer activities might include unwanted encounters with TICKS. Dr. Rolly Sullivan explores what to keep in mind when dealing with these tiny pests.

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